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Anglicare says minimum wage rise not enough

Anglicare says minimum wage rise not enough. “There’s a long history here of government forcing businesses to increase wages on the backs of low-skilled workers,” she said, noting the minimum wage rose just $2.30 since 2009. “For all the government’s assurances that raising the minimum wage will reduce unemployment, it’s proven to be a very costly job-killer.” The $15 hour is only one of many things keeping the federal minimum wage above inflation. The Food and Drug Administration has been raising카지노 사이트 it since 2003. Employers pay $9.50 an hour to those on low wages. And at the state level, workers make $7.50 per hour, well above inflation. For most states, the minimum wage has fallen from its level in 2006, when unemployment was 13 percent, to 5.9 percent this year. “What I really believe, and I’m very happy to have t바카라사이트hat support from the president, is that we should increase the minimum wage at the state level,” Kuehl said. “There’s an argument to be made바카라 for the states to do more, too.” But other people agree. “The issue that we have with the minimum wage is that it’s not a strong enough lift,” said Bill Gertner, president of the National Employment Law Project. “We want to get a lot of our people out of poverty, but people need the minimum wage.” On Jan. 2, Gov. Deal signed a sweeping bill giving Washington, D.C. greater autonomy in setting wages for its workforce. While Washington will now have to abide by federal regulations, businesses here do not see it as being much different than in any other area of the country, he said. He has told D.C. employers to hire a minimum of eight people per hour to make up for underpaid workers in other states, and will require them to pay overtime in return. The D.C. Council on Employment Relations has said it will offer a ballot measure seeking to change D.C.’s minimum wage to $15, up from $7.75. Even so, at least one D.C. employer is not quite ready to roll over. “They don’t like how it’s going, but they’re not going to throw it away.” In fact, the city of Washington is considering increasing its minimum wage to $15 an hour, to bring in more money for public schools. City officials say increasing the minimum wage would require it to add nearly 600 employees. But many are skeptical the government-imposed $15-an-hour minimum wage woul