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Neal accused of drafting statutory declarations

Neal accused of drafting statutory declarations

THE HALLOWEEN-themed holiday decorations, including those featuring a ghostly Santa Claus, will not be allowed.

The Victorian Fair Council has banned the decorations at the Halloween Parade after a number of complaints by Halloween decorators, some of whom allege they were targeted by the festival organisers who have been criticised in The Age newspaper.

In April 2016, Victoria Police received complaints regarding the costumes, and the fair council accepted “there is no basis to 우리카지노the allegation”.

Since the first complain카지노 사이트t was made, Victorian Fair Council officials have spoken to the festival and asked that the decorations be removed from the parade, said a representative for the festival.

That was followed by the Victorian Fair Council formally responding to the complaints last month. The council has since contacted local businesses who have made requests to have their decorations removed.

Victorian Fair Council spokesman Paul O’Neal said in April “we did not make a decision to have them removed, but rather to work with the organisers to remove them”.

Mr O’Neal said the festival expected that some decorations would be “obscene and some would not”, but that the fair council was not pursuing legal action against anyone over the decorations.

“We have no further comment at this time on the concerns or representations of any of the parties with respect to these Christmas decorations and the fair council has no formal response on this issue,” Mr O’Neal said.

The costumes also attracted criticism online after the festival confirmed they had a policy forbidding “ghost” and “ghost-like” costumes.

The festival had initially said the costume policy did not apply to Halloween decorations or special events.

In its reply, the fair council said it had not had an opportunity to review the dress codes and the “spirit” of the event, which it said was “very much an Australian tradition”.

“When they first made the request for Halloween decorations, a number of comments suggested that this policy may not apply to these particular decorations,” it said.

“It is to be noted that these materials are made to the highest ethical standards and it is not possible to categorically rule out that materials from other categories will also fall into that prohibition.

“We would strongly encourage people to not allow children to be present in costume, and to also consider whether these decorations are appropriate or not to display during an event.”

Fair Council president Mr O’Neal said the fair council “does not condone any form of hate speec바카라h”.