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Lobster fishers await lease agreement approval

Lobster fishers await lease agreement approval

A $20 million project to create the first large commercial lobster fishing site in Florida’s Atlantic Coast was approved Wednesday by the Flor바카라사이트ida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Commission President Larry C. Okemo said about 50 percent of the nearly 1,000-acre site will be open for leasing, and about 50 to 60 percent of the remaining 20 percent will be under the supervision of an outside lobster expert.

“We’re extremely pleased to see the FWC see the potential of our community,” said Mike Davis, vice president and general manager of Lobster City in Miami. “We couldn’t imaginapronxe a better way to capitalize on our existing lobster-rich fishing grounds.”

Lobster City, which opened in October 2008, has more than 15,000 pounds of lobst우리카지노ers, many sold each year by the tens of thousands. The market also includes other smaller lobsters, such as bass.

Land sales for Lobster City are pending the outcome of the FWC lease agreement, which is expected to be filed Aug. 1.

Lobster City already provides service to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, from Fort Lauderdale to Pensacola, and from Cape Canaveral to Port Tampa.

The FWC lease agreement, according to Davis, is a step toward bringing back the old business model and will allow Lobster City to operate more product.

Florida’s economy has undergone considerable growth since the 1980s and has attracted more people and more businesses to the Sunshine State. Since 2011, Florida has added more than 3 million jobs, and the state has added nearly $70 billion in property tax revenue.

“We need new jobs and more businesses, and a new market for our products,” Davis said.

Lobster City hopes its customers will be able to make use of the property, which should be open by early next year. The initial focus will be on providing food and seafood for lobstermen and their families and for local restaurants with local seafood in addition to a wine bar.

“This is an anchor product to the growing and thriving local seafood and seafood industry,” said Kevin Dannen, head of marketing and corporate planning for Lobster City. “What we are planning is to keep all of it open as long as the market allows.”

The opening of Lobster City in March of 2014 has been a whirlwind for Davis and the FWC.

It was the first of his five years as president of the FWC under President Barack Obam