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Complete information how to patch Old School SNES Games Emulator using iOS Devices (Updated)

If you just want to backup and play your Nintendo DS games and don’t really care about emulation, media playback or other fancy features, the Acekard2i is for you. It’s a solid cartridge, it has a development community behind a robust cart-specific operating system called akAIO, and for basic playback as well as homebrew-based emulation you’ll be just fine.

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Make a /NDS – ROMS/ folder to park your future game backups. Pop the micro SD card back into the flash cart and then back into the NDS and you’re done. It already comes updated for system menu 1.4, no tweaking necessary, so you’re ready to set up your DS for game backups.

Examining Rapid Methods For ROMs

Before we can start backing up our games pokemon emerald, however, we need to do a quick setup. From this point forward the guide is flash cart agnostic. Unless explicitly noted all instructions apply to any flash cart. To set up the SuperCard DSTwo you’ll need to download the SuperCard firmware here. Extract the contents to the root of your micro SD card.

My console and games do not have “terms of service”, I don’t know where you got that idea from. Nearly every flash cart will manage your saved games for you as long as the .SAV file is the same as the .NDS file. When the transfer is done press the Right paddle button to navigate to the Save Restore menu. You’ll see the screen below with the ROM information changed to reflect whatever game you’ve inserted.

At this point, regardless of which cartridge you picked, you’re now ready to play NDS backups. The problem is we don’t have any backups yet, so we need to grab some of our game cartridges and create some.