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Everybody likes software updates, whether you’re dealing with a big, new version of Android, or just a monthly security patch. It might come as a surprise for some, but Apple software update downloads are also available via Mac App Store. The only catch is that those updates have to be between major versions (e.g. Catalina ➙ Big Sur) and not minor releases of the same macOS. When you start analyzing what gets your macOS Big Sur install stuck, the first thing to pay attention to is the version of your Mac. As new and more feature-rich macOS updates appear, they stop supporting older Macs that are simply not powerful enough. Software Update downloads and installs your new software. Depending on how many updates you’re installing, this process could take a while.

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The update can even add a few new features to your device. This screen will show you all of your System Update options. The options here will differ depending on your phone maker.

Windows Update has grown more insistent over the years in keeping itself up to date. In Windows 10, security updates are downloaded and installed automatically. Too many people just never bothered to keep up to date with security updates, and insecure PCs don’t just create a problem for the person who owns them. An unsecured PC connected to the Internet can become a problem for everyone. You do still have a little control over when Windows installs other, non-security updates, though. The company also reported issues with iMessage and full-blown outages with Maps routing and navigation as well as its traffic tracking, which may have been related to the OSCP failure, too. From here you’ll see the precise installed date and time, the software update package name, and the version of each update listed.

You may need to restart your Mac after the updates have been installed. If new software updates are available, the window below appears.

With a charged battery, you’ll also be notified when the update is complete. Software updates can download instantaneously, but more often, they require your permission before installing on your smartphone. When you’re notified of a software update, this means that your smartphone’s current operating system will be improved to help your phone run smoother and more efficiently.
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You can also click the Show Details button to view the available updates and select the ones you want to install. There’s an option on ‌iPhone‌ and ‌iPad‌ to enable automatic software updates. With this feature turned on, when a new version of iOS is released, your ‌iPhone‌ or ‌iPad‌ will be updated automatically and you won’t need to do a thing. As with iOS, you may want to hold off on installing macOS updates automatically, especially because it’s a good idea to fully back up your Mac before installing such an update. However, installing system files and security updates is a very good idea, because these are updates that are essential to protect your Mac.

Quit all running applications, connect your laptop to a power source, unplug unnecessary devices from your Mac , and then click Install Items. To manually check for software updates, select Software Update from the Apple menu.

Continuous software updates keep your smartphone up to date with the newest features in addition to fixing bugs and enhancing security. Browse a selection of devices from top brands, like Apple and Samsung, at Tracfone. Because updates often take a while to complete, it’s important that your battery is fully charged throughout the process. If your phone dies during an update, it interrupts the installation and may require the software to re-install once the phone is charged. Save yourself the hassle by plugging your device into the phone charger while it downloads the new software.

Your Mac connects to Apple’s servers and searches for new software. Click Continue to download and install the software updates.