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Though THQ gave the Game Boy Advance rendition the moniker "junior," there was nothing small about this portable product. Though the development studio couldn’t survive very long after Super Monkey Ball Jr.’s release, Realism went out with a bang with one of the finest console-to-handheld ports on the GBA. Nadia has been writing about games for so long, only the wind and the rain remember her true name. She’s written for Nerve,, Gamepro, IGN, 1UP, PlayStation Official Magazine, and other sites and magazines that sling words about video games.

Also I remember both my gameboy color and gameboy advance had a plastic cover that covered the screen, this is just a screen. I mean just straight screen, if you slide it in your pocket with your keys sandwiched between your leg and your K101, your K101 screen will be losing some pixels.

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Not to mention all of the different ways the emulator menus work, on top of the revo menus, you have to remember a lot of different button combos just to navigate in and out of games. If you’re looking for an all in one solution for playing GBA games, including real carts and ROMs, this is a decent option. I did receive my K101 with a group of dead pixels in the top right hand corner. Enough to be noticeable during the splashscreen but you can learn to ignore it during gameplay very fast.

There’s a huge world to explore when you’re the size of a bug, Atari 2600 ROMs free download and the designers pushed some great ideas in this adventure. That concept was the basis for this NST-developed production. The added power of the Game Boy Advance not just enhanced the visuals, but the team managed to squeeze in a bunch of new puzzle ideas in the update. It’s a great game that fits the Game Boy Advance’s pick-up-and-play environment since players could whip out the system, solve a puzzle, and put it away for later.

It does come with screen protectors but they’re the same as a phone screen protector so it’ll protect against scratches but not poking objects. I have a handful of GBA cartridges that I’ve used with the K101 and I haven’t had a single issue running or saving with any of them. Game Gear games are a little slow, but honestly there’s so few GG games to emulate that it doesn’t bother me in the slightest to play them at 90% speed.

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Original cartridges didn’t seem to work too well either. Get a PSP and mod it to play retro games and GBA titles. GBC and GB sound may be a little off but it keeps my physical collection safe, clean and secure. The trigger buttons feel like they may use some reinforcement, but other then that its great.

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  • One additional thing I’ll mention is that since I’m from the US, all of the games on my website should work correctly on an NTSC c64, they may not work on a PAL c64 though.
  • The 1541 drive emulation is also excellent and is even good enough to load many copy protected games, including games in .G64 format.
  • VICE is a very good emulator that has versions that run on a wide variety of operating systems including DOS, Windows95/NT, and Unix.
  • This emulator also has a very easy to use interface and the actual c64 emulation is very good as well.

It came with replacement buttons, who does that; that’s awesome! video and sound is the main reason I got this as official hardware either has to be modded or you get the SP 101 and spend more using a less comfortable form factor.